Dressing room fitted with IKEA cabinets, by Wilfried

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Description of Wilfried

In an entrance to a Parisian apartment, we dressed classic IKEA boxes with 18 mm poplar plywood panels to give a warmer appearance. We also used the same panels to create the false ceiling and the cladding of an invisible door. And finally we made a shelf to hide an unsightly electrical cabinet in an entrance. Opposite the dressing rooms, we used the same panels to cover the walls and thus create an alcove in the hallway.

How I carried out this project

I' I first modeled my project on SKETCHUP, which allowed me to obtain the dimensions of each panel very precisely. I then placed my order on TOSIZE.it and received around ten days later all my panels exactly in the desired dimensions with perfect squareness. All I had left to do was assemble my panels. No additional cutting was necessary, all panels are labeled with the nomenclature used when ordering which is clearly an advantage when assembling the different panels in small apartments.

Dimensions of my DIY project

500.0 cm x 250.0 cm

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