DIY Inspiration: multifunctional hallway cupboard for shoes, by Toine

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Discover the charm of a homemade hallway cupboard

Have you ever thought about the ultimate convenience and personal style that a homemade cupboard can provide? Toine has the answer with his DIY project: a beautiful combination of a Shoe and Coat Cabinet that gives his entrance a tidy and stylish look.

Craftsmanship down to the last detail

How direct What stands out about Toine's hallway cupboards is the rustic, country style. The cabinet doors are beautifully finished and equipped with a robust sliding door system that saves space while still providing easy access to the contents of the cabinet. The dark hardware contrasts beautifully with the warm wood and gives the project an authentic look. The wood, carefully sawn to size by, has a warm, natural color that fits seamlessly with the atmosphere of the hall.

Functional design for every hall

Toine's hallway cupboard is a masterpiece of functional design. The shoe cabinet displays carefully arranged shelves that keep every shoe visible and within easy reach. Opposite this is the coat closet, with a stylish black back wall and ample hanging options for coats. It is clear: these cabinets are not only a feast for the eyes, but also an example of efficiency.

The advantages of building it yourself

Toine has shown with this project that the flexibility of making furniture yourself is a major advantage. By building it himself, he was able to maintain perfect dimensions, so that the cabinets fit exactly in his hall. The choice of material is entirely up to you, which means you don't have to worry about budget and personal preference. In addition, a self-built piece of furniture gives a personal and perfect touch to your interior.

A sleek finish in a modern style

The attractive design and color of the hallway cabinets show a modern style, with attention to detail. The combination of functionality and aesthetics ensures that this piece of furniture is not only practical, but also contributes to the atmosphere and character of the room.

Quality that speaks

The hall cupboard is manufactured from Furniture panel chipboard 113 CST Elegant black 18 mm, a choice that guarantees both durability and elegance. The furniture panel is easy to maintain and retains its deep black color, which contributes to the timeless beauty of Toine's project.

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