Custom-made wardrobe, by Chantal

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Description by Chantal

I built a walk-in closet from MDF boards, 18 mm wide. With room for the washing machine and dryer. Above these two appliances I made a workbench and drying rack so that the laundry can be folded. I started by sketching out the wishes. Then I divided this into three different cabinets. Because I wanted the cabinet to float, I placed it on a shallower frame that was painted in the same color.

How I made this project

First I made the frame placed. Then I started with the cupboard on the short wall. This was the largest cupboard to assemble, because the shelves were immediately placed in it. I placed the second cupboard upright as a frame and later installed the shelves. The third cupboard was placed last and attached to the wall and to cupboard two. I then mounted the shelves in cabinet 2.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Long wall: 320.0 cm wide, 222.0 cm high and 52.0 cm deep . (On a 3 cm high frame) Short wall: 148.0 cm wide, 222.0 cm high and 52.0 cm deep. (On a 3 cm high frame)

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