Creation of a Custom Corner Dressing Room in the Corridor, by Gérald

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Are you looking for an elegant and practical way to optimize your space? Follow the example of Gérald who carried out a magnificent project: a dressing room in the corner of a corridor. Using high quality pine wood, this DIY adds a touch of charm to your interior while being extremely functional.

Project Description

The dressing room designed by Gérald is the solution perfect for a little-used space, transforming that hallway corner into a chic storage area. The structure is made of solid three-layer 19 mm pine panel, guaranteeing robustness and durability. The natural color of the pine brings warmth and a refined style to the whole. Details such as the perfect fit to the dimensions of the hallway, as well as the addition of a rod and a curtain to close the space, make this dressing room unique and personalized.

Location and Advantages

This elegant dressing room finds its place in a corner of a corridor, often underused. By doing it yourself, you benefit from total freedom in terms of dimensions and design, for a result that adapts perfectly to the space and personal needs. In addition, choosing DIY for such a project allows you to make substantial savings compared to purchasing a similar piece of furniture in store.

The Style of Dressing

p>The sophisticated simplicity of Gérald's dressing room fits harmoniously into different decors. With a natural finish, pine reveals its beautiful vein, adding to the aesthetic dimension while maintaining a functional aspect.

Pine, A Material of Choice

Pine is a material prized in the DIY world for its ease of work and its warm appearance. Its pronounced grain and visible knots make it an option full of character. Its solidity and resistance make it a species of choice for dressing projects like this, offering longevity and stability for daily use.


Gérald's corner dressing room demonstrates that with creativity and good materials, it is possible to transform an unused space into personalized storage. Pine stands out for its natural aesthetic and robustness, making this piece of furniture not only a useful addition but also a decorative element in your hallway.

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