A compact, custom-made wardrobe, by Bianca

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In this DIY project, Bianca shows how she quickly and easily created a custom wardrobe with sawn black MDF. By ordering the sawing work online, this is an easy project to carry out. MDF is easy to process. And if you measure carefully yourself, the sawn work always fits!

Description of Bianca

I couldn't find a suitable cupboard for my small bedroom. Everything was too wide, too narrow or too low. Then I measured everything and ordered wood to the perfect size and started drilling. Am so happy; finally peace and overview

How I made this project

Measuring and ordering designed wood and baskets and getting started. Due to lack of space, the back wall and side wall were used as walls for the cupboard. First I made a bottom. All shelf holders mounted on all shelves and side panels. The side panel attached to the bottom then to the wall and then the top. Then built the cupboard. Mark the holes on the wall, drill plugs and screw them in, plank by plank. And the cupboard was ready

Dimensions of my DIY project

233.0 x 98.0 cm

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How next?

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