A smart wardrobe at the front door made of black MDF, by Pauline

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Pauline shows how she created a smart storage solution with custom-sawn MDF black. By choosing a trapezoid shape, a sawn panel also fits perfectly between uneven walls. Read more about Pauline's experience below. 

Description by Pauline

Since our old coat rack no longer fit in our new-build house, we decided that we wanted to make the wardrobe in the niche next to the front door.

How I made this project

First of all, we carefully measured the dimensions of the niche. It turned out that our walls were not completely straight, so we had to opt for the 'trapeze' shape. We then ordered four planks of 'MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black' and a metal wardrobe rail. Once home we hung one shelf above the wardrobe rail on 4 black corner anchors. Baskets with scarves and gloves will be placed on this shelf. We attached the other three planks at the bottom, also on corner anchors. The bottom two shelves serve as a shoe rack. The top of the three shelves is intended as a 'roof', so that the wardrobe looks calm and tidy.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The shelf is 38 cm deep - slightly less deep then the niche. The front of the shelf is 61.5 cm wide and the back of the shelf is 62 cm wide.

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How next?

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