Custom-made wardrobe from MDF and plywood, by Rens

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Beautiful wardrobe made to measure from plywood and MDF. Rens went for a custom solution because his room had a sloping roof. By choosing cut-to-measure material, he was able to easily create his wardrobe. Rens chose plywood for the walls, a strong material that is easy to assemble. A smart choice when weight comes into play. The back is finished with 6 mm MDF panels. Handy so that your clothes are not damaged by the possibly rough wall behind it. 

Description by Rens

I made a wardrobe from plywood. And an MDF back wall. Planks and rods will be added later. I deliberately chose primed plywood, which saved me painting.

How I made this project

First I made a drawing myself and used it to create the cutting list. Once I knew the sizes, I ordered everything via this website.  Once it arrived, I immediately started marking and preparing. Such as dominoes and milling slots. Then I put the cabinet together and it still needs to be finished. 

Dimensions of my DIY project

300.0 cm wide by 245.0 cm high by 65.0 cm deep

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