A spacious homemade custom built-in cupboard made of MDF, by Pieter

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In this DIY project, Pieter shows that you can also make a built-in cupboard yourself with the online sawing service. In this case, Pieter has chosen to paint MDF lacquer carrier film. The result is a beautiful homemade built-in wardrobe; thanks to Pieter's good preparations and the sawing work ordered online.

Description by Pieter

With the MDF planks ordered online, we were able to make a built-in cupboard in a short time before we moved. The planks were really sawn to the millimeter!

How I made this project

We first made a good drawing of the cabinet with all the dimensions in millimeters. Once the planks were in, we placed the base plate on the wooden foundation. The partitions were leveled against the back wall with screws. Then the hinges could be drilled into the doors and hung. By adjusting the hinges we were able to get the doors straight. For the cabinet doors we took into account 3 millimeters of space between the doors. We ultimately completed the doors ourselves with a router.

Dimensions of my DIY project

298.0 cm wide
226.0 cm high

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How next?

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