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A large workplace and some cupboard and shelf space above it in the same style. Got some inspiration on Pinterest, drew a bit and ordered it. Power supply and cables neatly concealed in the 'in-between space'.

Custom home work place

It's very simple, I worked with special MDF screws. No pre-drilling, just screwing! This is fine if you use 18 mm sheet metal. It's not going to split. Then first paint the inside, once the cupboard is finished it will be much more difficult to do so. Then place the top plate on and close the countersunk screw holes. I used special MDF filler, putty twice and sanded. Then paint with a roller.
I mounted it by using aluminum corner profiles, attaching it firmly to the wall with nail screws and then screwing the cabinets to the other side of the corner profile. For this I used the MDF screws again.
The result is sturdy and beautiful.

The dimensions of the project

Exterior dimensions of the desk are (hxwxd) are (10.6x244 ,0x60,0). The shelf space above is 30.0 deep, otherwise equal.

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