Egg-forming desk from MDF, by Pauline

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Description of Pauline

I made an egg-shaped desk. I ordered an MDF board from in egg shape (100.0 cm x 200.0 cm, 25 mm thick, rounding 6 mm), which fits nicely in the arch shape of my home office window. . That is why it was important to work with customization. I didn't really find anything suitable in the market or it was very expensive. I first wanted something completely custom, but saw the egg shape on the website and thought it fit nicely.

How I made this project

I lacquered the plate white (general undercoat (primer), light sanding and 3 layers of lacquer). I then attached the plate to the IKEA bekant leg. This way I can also use the desk as a standing desk (bekant leg has electric controls to adjust the height). This requires some drilling, but is not that difficult. For the rest, just follow the IKEA manual. Apart from drying the paint, this project only took 2-3 hours.

Dimensions of my DIY project

200.0 x 100.0 cm

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