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2 minutes

Inspiration for a personal home workplace

Are you looking for a way to expand your workspace at home with a desk that fits exactly in your interior? Then take a look at Robin's inspiring project, who, with the help of, has created a beautiful extension of an existing desk with a corner.

Extension of workspace with a corner

The corner in the desk provides extra work surface and a natural separation of work areas. The design is functional and stylish with its clean lines and the warm appearance of the pine carpentry panel.

Details that make the desk unique

The extension of the desk has been carefully made with custom sawn pine carpentry panel. The light wood color and visible wood drawings give the desk a natural and rustic look. The legs are sturdy and simple in style, which gives a timeless look.

Perfect match in the study room

This desk fits seamlessly into the study room. The natural pine harmonizes beautifully with the wooden elements in the room and the brick wall. The result is an inspiring place where you can work without distractions.

Benefits of making your own desk

Creating your own desk with means you are flexible in dimensions and you have complete freedom in choice of materials. This ensures that you can save costs and still create a desk that perfectly meets your wishes and needs.

The style of the project

Robin's desk stands out because of its Scandinavian style, characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The natural appearance of the wood accentuates this style and makes the desk an eye-catcher in any room.

Benefits of the wood used

Pine carpentry panel 28 mm

p>This type of pine is ideal for making furniture, such as desks. It is strong, has a beautiful natural look and works well with different finishes.

Pine Carpentry Panel 40 mm

The thicker pine carpentry panel provides extra strength for the desk. It not only provides support but also a robust appearance that contributes to the character of the piece of furniture.

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How next?

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