Do-it-yourself playhouse for the children, by Malou

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3 minutes

The perfect playhouse for children

Are you looking for a unique DIY challenge that will not only make your creativity, but also the hearts of your children beat faster? Then be inspired by this beautiful playhouse, expertly realized by Malou. This project is the example of how to create a special play area for children at home with a touch of imagination and dexterity.

How is the house constructed?

With precision and an eye for detail, the playhouse consists of panels of MDF Primed, sawn to size by A house shape is created by ordering two rectangles with bevelled edges and placing them against each other. The whole forms a sturdy and aesthetic house that fits perfectly in a modern children's room. The white color provides a fresh and neutral base that invites you to paint, draw or let your imagination run wild.

Unique details that make the difference

Unique to This playhouse is the cute roof shape and the integrated storage compartments that are both functional and playful. The symmetry and clean lines provide a modern look, while the shape recognizes that this is about playing.

A playhouse in the nursery

Place this DIY playhouse in the nursery to create a create a cozy corner where your child can read, play or daydream for hours. Due to its compact design and smart storage options, it fits perfectly into the existing interior without taking up too much space.

Advantages of making your own playhouse

The advantages of making this yourself playhouse are countless. Not only do you save costs, you also determine the exact dimensions and materials used. As a result, the end result fits perfectly into the available space and meets all personal wishes.

Style and finish of the playhouse

In terms of style, this modern playhouse fits seamlessly with the wishes of the contemporary parent. The end result is sleek and minimalist with a touch of Scandinavian design, which makes it a timeless addition to any interior.

Benefits of MDF Primed

The choice of MDF Primed as the material for this project is not just made. This type of wood is known for its sleek finish and is ideal for painting. The base layer has already been applied, which saves a lot of time in the finishing process.

18 mm MDF Primed for the base

The sturdy 18 mm thick MDF panels form the solid base of this playhouse . They ensure durability and a robust structure without sacrificing aesthetics.

12 mm MDF Primed for refined details

12 mm thick MDF was chosen for the finer details and the finish . This thickness is perfect for the less stressed parts and completes the whole with the same high-quality appearance.

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How next?

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