DIY a Mega Multimedia Desk, by Sjoerd

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DIY Inspiration: Mega Multimedia Desk

Are you often working or gaming at home and do you dream of a super-large desk that can house all your multimedia equipment? Sjoerd has made this dream come true with a self-made desk measuring 250x85 cm.

How the large desk came to life

Sjoerd's desk is truly an eye-catcher. The desk, custom made by from MDF Blank of 38 mm thick, is the perfect surface for computers, screens and other multimedia. With its impressive dimensions of 250 cm by 85 cm, this desk offers more than enough space for all your equipment and accessories.

The structure and unique details

The structure of this desk is equally unique as well as functional. A black, streamlined finish gives it a modern look that will suit almost any room. The minimalist design without visible screws or connections provides a sleek look, while the organized storage spaces under the desk ensure that everything stays tidy.

Make it yourself: flexibility and budget-friendly

By making your own To create a desk like Sjoerd, you not only retain flexibility with regard to dimensions and choice of materials, but you also control the budget. You choose what you spend and on what, while you experience a feeling of satisfaction because you have created something beautiful and functional.

The finishing touch: the style of the desk

The Sjoerd's project is completely finished and the result is impressive. The desk has a modern and sleek style, which fits seamlessly with a contemporary interior and the latest multimedia gadgets.

The advantages of MDF Blank

The choice of MDF Blank of 38 mm for the agency was a conscious one. Not only is this material durable and sturdy, but it also has a smooth surface that is ideal for finishing in any style or color. Moreover, MDF is easy to keep clean, a plus for those who like to keep their workplace tidy.

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