Make your own super cool workbench and kitchen unit, by Rogier

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Discover Rogier's DIY shed project

Are you looking for inspiration for a creative and functional DIY project for your shed or workspace? Then take a look at Rogier's DIY, who has created a super cool workbench and kitchen unit with the help of 

A detailed look at Rogier's work

The project started with custom sawn wooden panels from Underlayment Elliotis Pine, with thicknesses of 12 mm and 18 mm, perfect for the sturdy construction. The workbench was given a robust appearance by leaving the natural wood color and unique wood grains visible. The kitchen unit was equipped with storage spaces and an integrated refrigerator, which not only makes it functional, but also gives a modern touch to Rogier's shed.

The advantages of building a workbench and kitchen unit yourself

Creating a workbench and kitchen unit yourself offers advantages. This way you can adjust the dimensions completely to your own insight and needs, so that the project fits in with the rest of the space. The freedom in choice of materials ensures that you can not only work budget-friendly, but also make the appearance completely your style.

Functionality combined with style

The project is not only versatile in function, but also finished with an eye for detail and style. The visible mounting materials provide an industrial look, while the lighting creates a modern workspace. The jewel of the project is the pegboard, which fits in with the workbench and provides storage space for tools.

The ideal shed design

The use of natural materials and the well-considered layout make it suitable for the DIY project fits perfectly between Rogier's tools and DIY materials.

Why Underlayment Elliotis Pine makes the difference

Underlayment Elliotis Pine is a popular type of wood for do-it-yourself projects, because it not only affordable, but also easy to edit. The 12 mm thick panels are ideal for detailed parts, while the 18 mm panels provide the necessary stability in the construction.

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