Custom workbench made with concrete plywood, by Koen

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Workbench, based on two Ikea Kallax elements and a hardwood frame on top of which the 18mm worktop to the desired height.

Custom workbench

The base of the workbench consists of two matte white 1x2 Ikea Kallax elements. A rectangular wooden frame is attached to this with two 8.0cm screws. The worktop has already been glued to the frame and secured with four screws (from the frame - no holes in the top of the worktop).

The color of the white birch concrete plywood matches the base perfectly. The rounded sides and fronts are recommended for this material - it is now so smooth that you cannot get stuck behind it with clothes, etc.

Custom workbench

The worktop was sawn exactly to the indicated dimensions 125.0x50.0 cm by OPMAATZAGEN .nl, including the specified edge finishes: sides rounded top, front top and bottom rounded and back unfinished.

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