Two mobile workbenches for the garage, by Jochem

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Jochem has built two sturdy workbenches with a base that you can turn up so that their legs rest on the ground. It is made of birch plywood, which makes it very sturdy.

Two mobile workbenches, by Jochem

To be able to work comfortably in my workshop, I built two sturdy workbenches with a base which you can turn up so that their feet are on the ground. There is also room for the entire stock of screws and bolts, it has a large vice and I can store my compressor in it.

How I made this project

To start, I drew the whole thing in Fusion 360, so I knew exactly which parts I would need. The legs of the workbenches consist of composite parts of birch plywood. These are always glued together with 3 layers and secured with some small nails. When assembling you already have space to put the different parts together. It is useful to use a small strip for this (if you can order extra, it will be exactly the same width). A recess has been made in the legs into which the cabinet falls. These are 6 planks that are glued and screwed together. There is a double one in the middle for extra strength. The wheels sit on a shelf that is exactly the same size as the bottom shelf of the cabinet, which also falls into a recess in the legs and is pushed down by a scissor jack. The jack can be operated through a hole in the bottom beam. This can be done with the crank, but my jacks also fit a socket wrench cap, which you can place in the cordless drill.

Dimensions of my DIY project

120.0 cm long , 60.0 cm deep and 96.0 cm high

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How next?

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