Homemade box for Father's Day, by Ivonne

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Very easy

4 minutes

Want to make your own Father's Day gift? Using this step-by-step plan you can easily make a Father's Day gift yourself!


It's almost Father's Day again, a fantastic day for a sweet gesture! The man who can do everything deserves more than a pair of cheerful socks or a new tie. However? That's why we created a great job that any adult, possibly with children, can do. We saw the material to size, so that you only have to screw the box together, fill it personally and give it to us. With due pride, of course!

How I made this project

You can easily assemble your Father's Day box at home. To help you, we explain it step by step:

Step 1:

Get all your materials and tools ready for use. This takes a little more time up front, but it helps enormously if everything is within reach during the job. Above you can see what you can prepare. You can also place the planks of the box against each other, so that you can see how it can be assembled.

Step 2:

First attach the planks with wood glue, so the planks are already in place properly firmly together and will not move if you add screws. Let the glue dry thoroughly. If you have used too much wood glue, that is not a problem, you can easily remove the excess with a damp cloth. 

h3>Step 3:

For some extra strength and a cooler appearance, you can screw the box together. Pre-drill the screw holes with a 2 mm wood drill to prevent possible splitting of the wood. You can choose to countersink the screw holes so that the screws will be less noticeable later. Then carefully screw the box together.

Step 4:

Sand the ends of the box lightly, remove the dust and paint them evenly with blackboard paint. We used a small paint roller for this, but if you have a brush lying around you can use that too. Make sure you don't leave any clear streaks. Be careful when painting around the edges so you don't spill paint on the side of the box. To be on the safe side, you can tape off the ends. Allow the paint to dry for 4 hours.

Step 5:

Your box is ready! Write a nice message on the end of the box with chalk or let your child(ren) make a beautiful drawing. Now all you have to do is fill the box!

A Father's Day box full of gifts

Now that the box is ready, you can determine the personal contents. Fill the box with the treats or things your father loves! To help you get started, we have already collected some ideas.

BBQ package

With summer approaching, a BBQ package is always a good idea. idea! Therefore, fill your box with everything you need for barbecuing. A spatula, tongs and salt and pepper mill should of course not be missing! Does dad like to drink a beer at the BBQ? Then mount a bottle opener on the end of the box.

You can also put together a Burgundian beer package! Collect 6 of the tastiest (special) beers and, to complete the party, you can add a delicious collection of snacks. A block of cheese and a piece of sausage are of course timeless classics, but dates and olives are delicious vegetarian alternatives!

For the dad who can make everything

Is Is your husband, friend or father a real handyman? Then spoil him with a box in a handyman theme. /a> after all, he never has enough!

Dimensions of my DIY project

~28.0 x ~25.0 x 37.5 cm

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