DIY Inspiration: Transforming IKEA trofast play corner, by Jo

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Very easy

3 minutes

Inspiring play corner transformation with IKEA Trofast

Do you also dream of a play corner where your children can give free rein to their creativity, without your living room turning into chaos? Jo shows that it is possible! Using some IKEA Trofast parts and custom-sawn wood from, Jo created a unique and practical play space that fits seamlessly with the living environment.

Details of the DIY project

JO's project consists of a long, slim table made of beautiful pine carpentry panel with a thickness of 28 mm. The natural appearance of the pine wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The combination with the white storage bins from IKEA Trofast provides a modern twist. The bins are ideal for storing toys and craft supplies, so everything can be tidied up quickly and the table can be used again for other activities.

Customization with

The pine wood for this project was specially cut to size by, guaranteeing a perfect fit. This illustrates the flexibility of making projects yourself: you have control over the dimensions and you can choose from a wide range of materials. Moreover, making your own is often a budget-friendly option compared to ready-made furniture.

The play corner in its environment

The play corner is located in the living room, a place where Jo&# 039;s children can play close to family life. The natural color of the pine wood fits nicely with the tiled floor and the other furnishings of the room, making the play corner an integrated part of the interior.

Advantages of building it yourself

It Creating a play corner yourself has several advantages. In addition to customization and freedom of choice in materials, you can fully tailor the play corner to the needs of your family. Moreover, it is an enjoyable process to add a personal touch to your interior.

Stylish and functional

The carefully thought-out design of the play corner reflects a Scandinavian style characterized by minimalism , functionality and the use of natural materials. The clear lines and functional design reinforce the intended goal of the project: an organized and inspiring place for children to play and learn.

Pine Timber Panel 28 mm

The use of 28 mm pine carpentry panel for this project offers several advantages. Pine is an affordable and durable type of wood that is easy to work with. In addition, it has a light, natural color that gives a calm and warm appearance to the room. The strength of the panels guarantees the quality and durability of Jo's creation.

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