Besta cupboard wall with children's desk, by Salome

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Another nice IKEA hack! By using the Besta cabinets and finishing them with an oak carpentry panel, Salome has filled the empty space in the living room practically and beautifully. Space has even been created for a children's desk by extending the shelf a little further. Read below how Salome tackled this project!

Description of Salome

We recently tackled an empty piece of wall behind the sofa. The idea was simple but effective: a combination of an existing piece of furniture with a sturdy oak plank. We placed low cabinets along the entire length of the wall, with the oak shelf above them. Where the cupboards stop, the shelf continues as a small desk, ideal for our daughter to do crafts on. This project not only filled the space, but also created a functional and cozy corner. It is a simple addition that brings a lot of atmosphere and practicality to our house.

How I made this project

At we have two oak planks type B /C that have been cut to size. The dimensions are: 180.0 x 42.0 cm and 230.0 x 42.0 cm. We started by attaching two Ikea Besta cabinets to the wall. We then mounted the oak plank to the cabinets with mounting kit and further reinforced it with approximately 3 screws per section through the cabinets. The desk was attached using three wall brackets, two at the rear and one at the side. Finally, we treated the oak plank with colorless matte oil.

Dimensions of my DIY project

2 oak planks of 180.0 x 42.0 cm and 230.0 x 42 .0 cm. The first plank is 180.0 cm so that the seam fits exactly with that of the Besta furniture. With a shelf depth of 42.0 cm, the doors and shelf are evenly aligned.

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