Stylish radiator conversion for the bedroom, by Angelique

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A new atmosphere for the bedroom

Are you looking for inspiration to give your bedroom that cozy and finished look? Angelique shows how, with a little creativity and MDF, you can create a radiator conversion that is not only practical, but also fits perfectly with the atmosphere of a bedroom. No more loose elements that disrupt the harmony of your room, but a tailor-made and sleek solution that radiates peace and style.

The structure of the project

The radiator casing is made of Primed MDF of 18 mm thickness, which provides an even base on which you can paint directly. All panels are cut to size by and fit together seamlessly. The horizontal slats at the front combine functionality with a modern look. Angelique has chosen a timeless white color that gives the room a fresh and light look.

Why MDF in the bedroom?

An MDF radiator cover in the bedroom has several advantages. This way you can create a personal design with MDF that fits exactly within the dimensions and style of your room. Moreover, it is budget-friendly and offers a high degree of flexibility. By getting started with yourself, you create a unique piece that no one else has.

The style of the project

This radiator conversion exudes a minimalist and modern style out. The slats provide a playful effect and at the same time the fresh white panels provide a serene and clean appearance. It is the perfect balance between form and function, fully integrated into Angelique's stylish bedroom.

Benefits of DIY

Making a radiator conversion yourself has even more advantages in addition to personal satisfaction. The freedom in choice of materials and dimensions ensures that your project fits seamlessly into the intended space. Using MDF from ensures quality and the right fit. And all this while you also save costs compared to ready-made solutions.

The advantage of MDF Primed

The choice of MDF Primed is not only practical, but also aesthetic with some finishing. The base coat allows you to paint immediately without pre-treatment, which saves time and effort. The homogeneous structure of MDF ensures a sleek result without imperfections, which is essential for a smooth and professional finish of your radiator casing.

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