A beautiful cupboard with MDF compartments as a radiator housing, by Ellen

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In this DIY project, Ellen shows how she made a beautiful and functional radiator conversion herself. For this job she ordered custom MDF panels in a thickness of 38mm. Read more about her approach and experience below.

Description of Ellen

There was an ugly radiator casing in the hall. We never used the radiator, but we still wanted to keep it. We made a cupboard ourselves that also hides the radiator. I wanted the cupboard to look like brick, so I chose to buy thick MDF and paint it with chalk paint. The cupboard extends all the way to the ceiling. The cover plate can be unscrewed if we need to access the radiator.

How I made this project

We first made a conversion from blank MDF 38 mm. The compartments are not symmetrical but loosely divided to create a playful effect. Then filled, sealed and painted with chalk paint. Adjustments were made in the radiator compartment. We still had plywood at home, which we placed against it. We finished the plate with cover slats so that the screw holes are hidden and we can still access them in an emergency.

Dimensions of my DIY project

240.0 x 99.0 cm

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How next?

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