Radiator cover, by Gérard

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Very easy

2 minutes

Gérard made a radiator box himself from MDF. It left enough space for the heat to escape. He closed the front with gauze. The end result: an elegant result achieved in an economical manner. 

Creation of a custom radiator cover. Allow a space of 5 cm around the radiator to be hidden to ensure good ventilation of the heat and provide two openings: high of 3.0 cm and low of 8 cm Composition of the lot: top: 1 beech board of 19 mm dim 118 .4 × 19.2 cm upper and lower rounded edges 4 mm two sides: 2 MDF boards of 22 mm dim 96.0 × 16.0 cm upper and lower rounded edges 2 mm front: 2 MDF boards of 22 mm dim 96.0 × 15.0 cm upper and lower rounded edges 2 mm and 2 MDF boards of 22 mm dim 86.4 × 15.0 cm upper and lower rounded edges 2 mm NB: provide a decorative grid of your choice of 120 × 60 cm

1) Attach the 2 side boards to the vertical boards 3 cm from the top and 8 cm from the bottom using two flat brackets

2) Fix and glue the two boards sided with 4 brackets

3) Cut to size and fix the decorative grille with wood screws

4) Fix with two brackets and glue the top beech board

5) Paint and varnish the beech board

6) Attach two decorative buttons for the false drawer

7) Attach the radiator cover to the wall with two vertical battens of 5.0 cm

Dimension of the radiator cover: height 98.0 cm length 118.0 cm width 19.0 cm

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