Modern radiator conversion for the living room, by Rob and Martijn

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2 minutes

Description by Rob and Martijn

Our old new apartment had old radiators that could not simply be replaced. In addition, two thick pipes ran through our new living room. We wanted to shield the radiators and down pipes. A frame was built from planed spruce. We made vertical uprights on this frame. We have made a small built-in cupboard on the left side. To access the radiator knobs, venting and radiator fans, we have mounted some uprights with magnets. We attached the other uprights with mounting kit. We made the cove that covers the down pipes with a wooden frame of planed pine. We ordered wood that has been mitered from This whole fits together nicely and is glued together. We painted the whole in the color Oxford Stone.

How I made this project

  1. Dimensions included of the whole
  2. Sturdy frame built from planed spruce. The window sills are old wagon planks of 60 kg each
  3. Radiator foil applied
  4. Radiator fans mounted and connected
  5. Frame painted black
  6. Radiator painted black. 
  7. Wood received and sorted
  8. Cabinet made on the left
  9. Magnets fitted
  10. Vertical uprights fitted
  11. Frame cove made
  12. Looking back on the process and results with a smile

Dimensions of my DIY project

Conversion width: 4.91 cm Conversion height: 99 .0 cm Width of uprights: 10.0 cm Distance between uprights on the left: 2.5 cm Distance between uprights on the right: 2.0 cm.

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