DIY radiator conversion from Multiplex poplar slats, by Melissa

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Very easy

1 minuut


I made a radiator casing from wooden slats. The casing hangs on the radiator with hooks and can therefore easily be removed.

Radiator casing with wood look

I used two long slats of 225.0 cm wide and at least 12. 0 cm high. I attached 4 hooks to this. I then attached all the slats that I ordered to size, 4cm wide per slat, vertically to the long slats with screws. Make sure they are all at the same height so that it looks nice and sleek. And use spreaders so that there is the same opening between each slat. After all, the heat must still be able to enter the room. On both sides the vertical slats start slightly outside the width of the long slats, so that you do not see them from the side. And you're done.


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The dimensions of the conversion

225.0 cm wide and 55.0 cm high.

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