Shelf in the children's room, by Michael

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2 minutes

In our small apartment, space is scarce. That's why Sicht itself offered a small niche behind the children's room door for a shelf. It should offer space for books, games and even a small "reading cave".

As an amateur, I approached the entire (self-planned) construction step by step. It should make the best possible use of the space in the children's room niche and include the child.The shelf is made of 1.8 cm multiplex birch and does not stand on the floor but is only held by three boards on the side walls, each with four screws and washers that have been slightly sunk into the wood to be less visible. The connections between the shelves are mostly made with flat dowels and glue. However, because the construction would fit very tightly into the niche, I had to use normal countersunk screws in several places (in the middle) instead.The wooden edges should still be sealed with "edge sealer". (frencken) to preserve the wood color and protect the wood a little. The surfaces may also be glazed. The area below will be expanded in the next step. Custom-fit cushions and a small curtain, a little lighting and painting the back wall will create a "cave". The child should also be involved as much as possible here (motifs, painting, choice of color, etc.)

H: 186.4 cm × W: 109.0 cm

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