Corner desk for adults and children, made of pine wood panel and MDF, by Jarno

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2 minutes

Description of Jarno

I made a corner desk from a pine wood panel and MDF. Initially I already had a floating desk here, but this bent, I had used laminated chipboard for this. This eventually caused scratches, so I made another desk. I wanted to create a corner where you can sit with a laptop but where the children can also play. I chose to make the side panels optically thicker, which I personally like better than a thin side panel. The construction is sturdy and, although not intended, the children could sit on it.

How I made this project

I the pine carpentry panel is used as a top, the thickness of the material is 28mm so that it does not bend. I made the side panels from MDF. I immediately had this miter cut by so that I can glue it into an optically thicker leg. See the photo where the MDF is still on the floor. I made a side panel from 2 large plates and 2 narrow strips. I placed these very precisely against each other and then stuck them together with painter's tape. You do this on the outside, after which you turn the panels over and glue all parts with wood glue. The advantage of having it mitered is that this gives a perfect angle and you will no longer see that there is a saw cut, especially after painting.

I then pre-treated the whole thing and everything painted. Please note: I ordered position 6 of the MDF: 55.0 x 72.5 cm incorrectly. This had to be 72.2. In addition, I did not use the pine carpentry panel of 25.0 x 37.2 cm.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The desk is 72.2 cm from the ground with a 28 mm thick pine carpentry panel, you arrive at 75.0 cm (measured at the top). The children's desk is 47.2 cm from the ground, including top this amounts to 50.0 cm (top of top). The large desk is 183.6 cm wide and 60 cm deep. This is a deliberate size because it had to fit between the cupboard and the desk. Here everyone can of course choose a size that suits them. The children's desk is 140.0 cm wide by 40.0 cm deep. This is a nice playing height for our young children.

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