Play table for the children's train track, by Niek

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Very easy

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In this project, Niek shows how he made a sturdy gaming table using custom-sawn MDF 25mm. By using L-profiles, grandpa can be sure that the grandchildren can play safely. And with this custom-made play table, they never have to clean up the train track again.

Description by Niek

The grandchildren regularly come to play with grandpa and grandma. The Lego train is a favorite. The disadvantage is that it always has to be broken down and cleaned up. Now they can go about their business and everything can remain where they are.

How I made this project

Plates glued and secured with small L profiles. Bought special glue that said it would provide sufficient support. I am going to lightly sand the furniture to remove the glue residue. The grandchildren can then have fun building and painting. Not a complicated project to do. Without L profiles it was nicer, but too vulnerable. Children hang on leaves, etc., which is why I chose to make two more supports in the middle for strength. The whole thing fits tightly against the wall and has become very stable.

Dimensions of my DIY project

80.0 x 200.0 cm

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