Play kitchen / play corner / storage cupboard for the little one, by Diederik

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An abstract version of a play kitchen / workbench / storage unit for toys + protection of wall behind the chair. Using an Ikea cupboard and storage bins!

Custom play corner

In this case, start by hanging the cupboard, the support of the whole. In this case a Platsa base element with Fonnes doors. Mount the blank wooden worktop on top and do the same with the part for the side (40 mm screws!). Place the back wall on the top and mount it to the wall with a screw. For us, the white plate acts as a protective plate for the wall behind the chair and by mounting it in front of the other plate, there is room to put some booklets. The lamp finishes it off!

The dimensions of the project

70.0 cm high and approximately 200.0 cm wide

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