Children's furniture with kitchenette made of pine wood, by Sjors

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Practical and fun storage furniture for children

A children's desk with a large drawer for storing toys. We have also linked an Ikea kitchen to this piece of furniture with the same color back wall.

Assembling the low desk

First, all parts are painted in transparent lacquer or mustard yellow color. This whole was repeated twice and then everything was screwed together. Finally, the worktop was coated with transparent varnish one more time. The top is supported on the sides by steel corner profiles and at the back it is screwed to the back wall. The kitchen is connected by means of steel coupling strips. The kitchen thus forms one whole with the desk.

The external dimensions of the children's desk

L190.0 x W52.0 x H50.0 (Back wall: H100.0) + ; Ikea kitchen of 72.0 cm wide.

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