Camping mini kitchen in camper box

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M.A.T. Objekt

M.A.T. Objekt



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This page tells the story of Max, who built a mini kitchen for his camper van. Max shares his experiences and the steps he took to create this practical kitchen box. He describes how he took the measurements, sawed and assembled to create a compact and functional kitchen solution. Max gives helpful tips for setting up and organizing the kitchen utensils. With his homemade camping mini kitchen, Max has created a great way to prepare delicious meals on the go. Follow his steps and build your own kitchen box for the camper.


The goal was an extremely compact camping kitchen for the VW bus below the bed. Here you will find an induction hotplate and a cutting board on the upper shelf. Inside the box is a shelf separated by a floor. Both the flap and the side table can be used as additional storage.

How I made this project

The panels from were doweled, glued and additionally secured with brackets. The lids and flaps were attached using piano hinges and various flap supports ensure the correct opening angle (storage, cooking splash guard).Bamboo was used as the lid and folding table (on the side).The front flap is simply closed using a magnetic holder. It opens by pulling on the leather strap.The side table has 2 self-locking hinges. The camping toaster can be placed in the space between them. The side table and the box lid together create a large, flat work surface.

Dimensions of my DIY project

  • 41.0 cm depth
  • 42.5 cm height
  • 35.0 cm width

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