A completely custom-sawn bus camper interior made of birch plywood CPL, by John

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2 minutes

If you are the proud owner of a bus camper, you naturally also want a beautiful and high-quality interior. John has chosen to order custom birch plywood CPL to create the entire interior of his camper. John was able to make several pieces of furniture from three large slabs sawn to size. The result is beautiful.

Description by John

We created a complete interior for our bus camper, which consists of a kitchen unit, hanging kitchen cupboards, roller door cupboard, 2 wheel cupboards, bed sofa cupboard and a hanging ceiling cupboard.

How I made this project

I initially looked on the Internet to find out how to optimally furnish a bus camper. Based on this research, it will be determined whether purchase or own development and realization will take place. Then investigated the possibilities for materials and manufacturing. I soon ended up at this handy webshop and was able to find good quality material there. Different thicknesses and with a perfect top layer. The price is high, but for a bus camper, it has to withstand something, perfect quality. Subsequently, I made a design in 3D and drew up the cutting list from it. Initially using the xls, which the webshop makes available. It is highly recommended to use this XLS, especially if you receive a truckload of wood (approximately 75 pieces). After delivery I noticed that some references had not ended up on the stickers and such a list is very useful! Ultimately, the list was converted into an order and it was delivered quickly and neatly. With regard to the dimensions, I consciously chose to keep the sizes wider here and there, because the dimensions of such a bus vary quite a bit here and there. Now completely happy with the results achieved. This online sawing service is a very pleasant addition for a hobbyist.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The bus is approximately 130.0 cm wide and the longest length is 200.0 cm

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out John's saw list and complete your order easily.

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