DIY: Micro Camper furnishings from plywood okoumé, by Pierre

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This is a removable module to turn your car into a micro camper, with a seating module and lying module that can be completely folded so that the car can still be used normally, without having to completely remove everything. remove.

Custom micro camper

Found the idea by searching online, but it was too pricey. Then just realize it yourself was the motto. First made the base plate according to the vehicle, then made the seat boxes with a drawer and access hatch at the top and then the folding pieces to make a sleeping place. We have made slots in the plates for the sleeping place for ventilation and also to limit the weight. You can modulate it at your own discretion.

The dimensions of the project

Depends on the vehicle, the dimensions of this project are based on the Citroen Berlingo XL or Peugeot Rifter xl. /p>

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