Drawer system trunk Jeep Commander, by Carsten

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I have constructed a drawer system for our travels and adventures. The drawer system has space for a compressor fridge and various Euro boxes for our camping equipment. The entire body is covered with adhesive felt, as is the drawer itself. During the journey, blankets, towels or the pillows from the roof tent can be transported on the upper body, and with the help of the drawer we can still easily reach the boxes without having to remove the equipment from above. Behind the body there is a 36l fresh water tank and a second battery for the compressor fridge, among other things.

The basis for the lower part of the body is the frame on which the third row of seats used to be. I dismantled the 2 "emergency seats" and stored them. Then I measured everything and made rough sketches. Based on the sketches, I was then able to order the wood ready-made so that I only had to glue/screw it together. So I didn't have to use the saw myself. For the wood, I chose poplar multiplex. Poplar is very light and yet very stable.

103.0 × 70.0 × 80.0 cm

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