Homemade kitchen worktop from Moisture-Resistant Black MDF, by Marvin

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project, Marvin shows that it doesn't have to be difficult to make a kitchen island yourself. By using ready-made kitchen cabinets and having a kitchen worktop cut to size made of moisture-resistant material, he only had to attach and finish it himself. He chose MDF Moisture Resistant V313 Black to ensure that it is suitable for the kitchen. Read more about Marvin's project below!

Description of Marvin

To create some extra work space in our kitchen, we installed 2 cabinets with an oven. We got the cabinets from the Swedish store. We turned to opmaatzagen.nl for the kitchen worktop. We had several options through customer service (Laura), but ultimately chose MDF Moisture Resistant V313 Black 18 mm after advice and had it made to measure. Then finished with black lacquer. This was a 2 in 1 polish. Very happy with it, and the sizes were perfect.

How I made this project

Kitchen cabinets from the Swedish giant, then measured the surface, Laura helped very professionally, after which I ordered, then we chose to varnish the plank. This ended up having to be done 3 times. We let the plank dry 3 times for 8 hours before painting again. According to the paint store, it was not necessary to treat, at most a little sanding. But the shelf was delivered so well that we did not think this was necessary and painted it immediately.

Dimensions of my DIY project

122.5 x 88.5 cm

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How next?

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