Barbeque furniture (MDF top) custom made and finished with concrete ciré, by Jeroen

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Description by Jeroen

For my outdoor kitchen I used steel for the structure and created a 9 cm thick miter top made of moisture-resistant MDF, finished with concrete ciré for a robust look. To protect the wood, I treated the edges and the bottom with impregnating paint. This provides extra durability and protection against the elements. The end result is a sturdy, stylish top that can withstand the elements and daily use, perfect for all my outdoor cooking adventures. Sturdy and easy to clean.

How I Made This Project

To build my grill, I started by making a sketch in SketchUp, a free design tool. I then extracted the exact measurements from the design. With these dimensions I ordered the necessary wood panels from After receiving the panels, I checked the dimensions and started assembling the pieces according to my design. I made sure everything was properly secured and finished before using the barbecue.

Dimensions of my DIY project


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