An oak top for a 19" rack, by Hidde

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In this project, Hidde shows how he made a functional rack more beautiful with a custom-sawn carpentry panel. For this project he chose an oak carpentry panel 40mm. 

Description by Hidde

I made a top for my 19" rack. The original rack has no top and since this is in my living room, I thought it was important to make a more attractive top. In addition, it is more practical because I can now put things (in this case speakers) on it.

How I made this project

I first ordered an oak wooden plank (approx. 60.0 x 60.0 cm). Then it was finely sanded and finished with oil. I mounted the wooden plank with 8 bolts. These are secured in the wood using threaded inserts. The holes were already in the original frame, making assembly very easy. The 19' rack I used is the 18U open frame with 4 posts from Startech:

Dimensions of my DIY project

60.5cm x 60cm x 94cm (L x W x H)

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