Creative organization system for art supplies, by Katja

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Creative tool wall for order in the art shop

Are you tired of the mess in the studio? Then be inspired by Katja's DIY project! Discover how a custom tool wall can transform your space. Katja has designed a wall organizer and a clever storage rack that offers simplicity and functionality in her art shop.

Custom-made perfection by

With precise cuts by, this wall organizer is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a model of efficiency. Each board has been carefully cut to the right size to create an optimal system.

Details of the DIY project

The tool wall consists of several perforated white hardboard panels that are attached to one side of the cabinet. The white color and perforated design provide a modern look and allow for flexible arrangement of hooks and brackets used to store Katja's art supplies. Additionally, Katja has created a storage rack equipped with velcro and metal brackets to store items safely and neatly.

The perfect addition to the studio

This DIY project fits perfectly in Katja's studio, as it offers structured storage for paint tubes, brushes, tapes and other art materials. The perfected dimensions allow for seamless integration into the existing space without creating excess or restrictions in freedom of movement.

Do-it-yourself advantages

Building this system herself allows Katja complete control over size and material selection, ensuring a perfect fit to individual needs and budget. In addition, the DIY method offers an educational experience and a special bond to the piece created by hand.

Style and function in harmony

Katja's project shows that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. The simple, Scandinavian style with clear lines and bright colors promotes concentration and inspiration in the creative process.

Robust and durable - hardboard for creative use

The perforated white 3.2 mm hardboard used is a core part of the project. This choice of material impresses with its durability and easy cleaning and makes the tool wall a long-term companion in everyday creative life.

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