Mobile sculpture base made of black mdf, by Klaus

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2 minutes

Description by Klaus

I am a wood sculptor and have the problem that many exhibition opportunities only offer picture rails with hooks and ropes for pictures. Very few clubs or institutions have bases. That's why my idea was to create mobile and demountable bases. They should be as simple and inexpensive to create as possible and, above all, transportable without great effort. The bases should be suitable for smaller sculptures and objects. This is how demountable, delicate bases were created from black 9mm thick MDF boards that are easy to transport and perfect for small and medium-sized objects.

How I made this project

The mobile bases were made so that they can be easily put together and taken apart again. The base consists of two black 9mm thick MDF boards. These were provided with a groove in the middle over half the height of the boards on the circular saw. This allows them to be put into one another. A black 9mm MDF board was also used for the actual presentation area. A router was used to cut a cross-shaped groove approximately 4 mm deep into the panels, the same width as the thickness of the panels. This means that the panels can be placed on the "feet" that are inserted into one another. The picture shows how a small, approximately 55 cm high wooden sculpture stands on the mobile base. A total of 10 bases were created to create smaller exhibitions with small works.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The two panels that are inserted into one another each measure 30 x 70 cm. The panel placed on top is 30 x 30 cm. Everything is made of 9 mm black MDF board. The bases therefore have a total height of 70.9 cm and a square floor plan of 30 x 30 cm.

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