Homemade hanging sideboard from birch plywood, by Laurens

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2 minutes

Laurens has made a hanging sideboard from birch plywood, with sheet material sawn to size by TOSIZE.it. By using birch plywood for his hanging sideboard, he has brought the Scandinavian style into his kitchen. Curious how Laurens himself idealized his hanging sideboard? Then read about his project here.

Description by Laurens

A hanging sideboard/sideboard made of birch plywood for our kitchen/diner. Natural materials, in a minimalist/mid century modern/Scandinavian style. A handy place to store books, among other things.

How I made this project

We looked for examples that we liked via Pinterest. Enter my attic, among other things, has a nice work description. Based on this we made a drawing and puzzled until we were satisfied. Then we figured out what kind of material we needed and ordered wood from TOSIZE.it, paint for the furniture/screws/support/dowels etc. from the local hardware store. Then first measured and placed all the dowels, put everything together with wood glue and milled the holes for the doors. We only varnished the furniture at the end, when only the top still needed to be put on. Then hung on two white supports, because of the weight. The latter could possibly be done differently, so that it becomes floating.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Depth × height × width: 38.0 × 35.5 × 172.0 cm


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How next?

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