Hanging sideboard made of MDF, by Menno

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This is a hanging sideboard with downward flaps in MDF that fits exactly between the wall and the fireplace, under the TV with connection for a game console, etc.

Work description: how did you your project has been realized

This is my 2nd project with OPMAATZAGEN.nl and the nice thing is that you can start building immediately when it arrives. (these panels were too long for the car).

Panels connected with wood glue and countersunk screws. Of course I did try on the cupboard before it was painted, but of course the parts were perfectly tailored.
With some hinges and locks from Meubelbeslagonline, this is another successful project as far as I'm concerned ;)

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

230.0 (w) x 70.0 (h) x 37.0 (h) cm

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