A large homemade corner desk from Pellos underlayment, by David

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, David shows how he custom-made a large corner desk himself. He chose to order and use custom-sawn Pellos floor underlayment. The result is a unique and beautiful custom-made desk.

Description by David

For our office I made a corner desk with a handy storage tray for cables, sockets and a docking station. I used trestles as desk legs from Ikea.

How I made this project

I started by laying out the wood in the work. There had to be a notch in the corner in the top, I made a template using cardboard to make sure it fits properly. For strength, I made a frame with beams (44x44). Saw all the beams to size (I did not order these to size because I wanted to see how exactly I was going to do it in the work) and placed them on the top of the top - that is the easiest. I had also ordered 50mm strips via the site to 'thicken' the top to hide the construction and provide extra strength to the top. I attached this to the construction with kit and screws. Then I measured and pre-drilled the long beam on the wall, which seemed easier for installation later. Then everything was secured and assembled, the ends were pre-drilled and long screws were installed. Construction hoisted onto the trestles and mounted on the wall with the pre-drilled holes. Trestles rest on extra beams in the construction. Finally, I glued and screwed together the 'box' as a separate item and mounted it.

Dimensions of my DIY project

260.0 x 215.0

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