Washbasin furniture made of MDF Moisture-resistant, by Piet

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What have you made?

The washbasin furniture is made of 18 mm moisture-resistant MDF. The bottom of the washbasin is slightly curved at the front and sides, to which the doors and sides have been adjusted.

How did you make the furniture?

The plates are partly connected with glue and dowels and partly with corner connections. The sink drain was first cut out from the back wall and the shelf. Because I don't have large line clamps (sergeants), I worked with tension straps.
The cabinet is primed and painted with white high-gloss lacquer. The doors close with soft-close hinges.
Because the washbasin is slightly curved at the bottom, the side panels and doors have been adjusted accordingly. The shape was cut out and later sanded to size.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 1000 x 760 x 460 mm.

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How next?

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