Black bathroom furniture made of MDF Moisture-resistant Black, by Marit

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2 minutes

Description by Marit

I have created a bathroom furniture that fits perfectly in the niche of my bathroom. The furniture is made of custom-sawn planks, selected and ordered from After carefully measuring and drawing out the design, I sanded the planks and applied two layers of black matte varnish for a sleek finish. The furniture is firmly placed using high tack kit and side profiles, so it fits perfectly in the available space. After placing the sink, sealing it with silicone sealant and attaching the tap and doors, the furniture is finished with handles and a large mirror with built-in light source.

How I made this project

The process started with carefully measuring and drawing out the design on paper, followed by ordering custom-sawn planks Black MDF Moisture-resistant from After cutting the hole for the sink and preparing the appropriate holes for the drain, all the planks were carefully sanded and coated twice with black matte varnish for a durable finish. The old furniture was then removed and the niche thoroughly cleaned. The side panels were securely attached with high tack kit, while the top shelf was mounted on top. The bottom shelf was attached with side profiles for extra stability. After installing and sealing the sink and sealing the sides, the tap and doors were installed correctly. Finally, handles were added to the doors and a large mirror with built-in light was installed as a finishing touch.

Dimensions of my DIY project

78.0 cm wide
50 .0 cm deep 
60.0 cm high

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