Custom-made bathroom furniture made of moisture-resistant MDF, by Wim

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Wim has made a white bathroom furniture from moisture-resistant MDF. This sheet material is ideal for bathroom furniture. He had the wood delivered again, sawn to size, by Because the project consists of several parts, this saved Wim a lot of sawing time! The sheet material was neatly ready within a few working days. This allowed Wim to get started on his job quickly. Read more about how he went about this below. 

Description by Wim

Three cabinets were created between two pillars and two walls under the existing wooden top with washbasins. I made this myself because no standard sizes fit.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First I started with a working drawing with exact dimensions. Picked up wood in Veenendaal and started gluing the three drawers the next day. 1 drawer every day because I don't have enough clamps. Also glued together 1 cupboard per day. Cabinets are reinforced with dowels and screws because they are mounted hanging. The ends of the cabinets and drawers were treated with a mixture of wood glue and some water to ensure opaque priming. All seams of the cabinet were sealed and all cabinets, doors and drawers were primed and then sanded and coated twice with RAL 9010. Finally, the hinges, drawer guides and handles were installed. The cabinets were anchored under the top and against the wall.

The most difficult part of this project was that the cabinets had to fit exactly between existing walls. In this case, the walls were not exactly square and I therefore had to make adjustments to the cabinets here and there.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Width 54.5 cm × Length 57 .0 cm

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