A unique custom bathroom furniture made by Alwin

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You can of course buy bathroom furniture at a store. But making it yourself is more satisfying and of course much more fun! That's how Alwin also started working. He wanted to use Moroccan washbasins in his bathroom furniture. For example, he ordered a sawn wood panel of 18 mm spruce and made this very beautiful piece of furniture to measure. 

Description of Alwin

Laundry room furniture with Moroccan sinks and black taps. The furniture is hung with brackets from the hardware store. And a corner slat attached under the furniture.

How I made this project

The shelves are attached with dowels, wood glue and corner brackets. Everything was then sanded well and then stained. Because it is in the bathroom, we also applied varnish to it. To top it all off, everything has been sealed in a similar color. The bowls are milled, which means they disappear slightly. Easy to do for the average handyman! You need: sanding device, router, screwdrivers and, above all, a lot of fun.

Dimensions of my DIY project

120 cm

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How next?

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