DIY Bamboo Bathroom Furniture Makeover in Natural Style, by Wolfgang

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2 minutes

DIY bamboo bathroom furniture makeover

Are you fed up with your old, unsightly furniture fronts made of chipboard with plastic veneer? Then get creative and be inspired by Wolfgang's DIY project - replacing his old bathroom furniture fronts with fine bamboo glued wood. With craftsmanship and attention to detail, Wolfgang has found not only an aesthetic but also a sustainable solution that will delight every DIY enthusiast.

From a shabby look to elegant bamboo

The former gray chipboard fronts have now given way to new, elegant bamboo glued wood fronts. The wood was sawn to size precisely by and therefore fits perfectly into the existing bathroom ensemble. The bamboo wood was carefully edge-milled and given two coats of oil to highlight the natural grain and color.

Unique details

The new pieces of furniture impress with their uniqueness - Wolfgang chose handles that were artfully made from corkscrew hazel branches, which gives the cabinets an individual and rustic touch and harmonizes perfectly with the warm tone of the bamboo wood.

The charm of the homemade

The charm of this DIY project lies in the tailor-made production of the pieces of furniture. Individual ideas for customization become reality, and personal preferences for the material leave nothing to be desired. Wolfgang was not only able to express his own style, but at the same time stay within his budget - another big plus point of doing it yourself.

Sustainability meets style

The project is now completed in Wolfgang's bathroom and fits perfectly with the natural aesthetics and functionality of the room. The choice of bamboo reflects his commitment to sustainability and blends seamlessly into the relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom.

Why bamboo is the material of choice

Bamboo Ecru 3L Side pressed in its 20 mm thick version is not only visually appealing. It is also extremely robust and has a longevity that makes it the ideal choice for furniture. The warm color and fine grain give each piece a natural elegance.

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