Walk-in closet refurbished with beech carpentry panels and shelves, by Carmen

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2 minutes

Carmen shares her renovation project in which she refurbished her walk-in closet with beech carpentry panels and shelves. She shares detailed steps and helpful tips to transform this functional space. With her approach, Carmen has created a new walk-in closet that is both practical and aesthetic. Follow her steps and renovate your own closet with the warm appearance of beech panels and handy shelves.

Description of Carmen

A walk-in closet with wooden shelves, a deep shelf at the back of the cupboard and a shelf across the long side. To finish it off, scaffolding tubes for support and a nice industrial look.

How I made this project

  1. Scaffolding tubes installed with footrests in the wall and under the planks . The thick tubes function as a clothes rack.
  2. Sand the wood smooth, measure it, cut corners and then protect it by varnishing with two layers on both sides. I opted for transparent varnish in a natural wood color, which makes the wood stand out extra beautifully.
  3. Attach the wooden planks to the scaffolding tubes, the short planks are shelves for clothing and the longer planks are intended for storage

Dimensions of my DIY project

  • Short wall: 99.0 cm, shelf of 50.0 cm deep
  • Long wall: 165.0 cm, shelf of 115.0 cm and 5.0 short shelves of 60.0 cm

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How next?

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