Adding extra cupboard shelves to existing cupboard in the attic under a sloping roof, by Maarten

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Very easy

2 minutes

Adding cupboard shelves to an existing cupboard has never been easier. Maarten needed extra cupboard space in his cupboard in the attic. After measuring the dimensions, he ordered his custom-sawn panels online. The result is a practical cupboard with lots of storage space, the extra cupboard shelves are very useful!

Description by Maarten

In this project I expanded my built-in cupboard with cupboard shelves. I do a lot of food photography and now have plenty of space to store my props and find them quickly!

How I made this project

I just moved and the existing built-in cupboard wanted I'm going to use it to store all my photography gear. Because I do a lot of food and macro photography, I need a lot of space, but it is divided into different storage compartments. In this case, many shelves to be able to place and find my props in an organized manner. To be able to place the shelves, I ordered simple shelf supports from another webshop. Because the planks fit exactly, the planks remain firmly in place and no additional milling is required in the planks to allow the shelf supports to fall into the wood.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The existing cupboard is built in an attic with a sloping roof. Is 55.0 cm deep, 250.0 cm high. Above 105.0 cm wide slopes down to 246.0 cm wide. Inside the cupboard I had planks cut to 54.5 cm long and 39.0 cm wide

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