Storage rack with chipboard shelves, by Marlies

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Very easy

1 minuut

In this DIY project, Marlies shows how she renovated an existing storage rack. Ordering sawn sheet material online makes this a quick and easy job. The custom-made shelves can be placed immediately.

Description by Marlies

Plates of the old storage racks were moldy. Ordered chipboards again and they fit perfectly in the storage racks again. These are in the basement

How I made this project

All the chipboards have first been pre-treated to ensure that they can withstand moisture, the chipboards are for iron storage racks that come into the basement. They are sturdier than the classic plates that you get with these racks. Beautiful finish also on the custom-sawn panels. The other supplied plates will most likely be used later for the ventilation holes in the basement to regulate humidity

Dimensions of my DIY project

160.0 x 60.0cm

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