Make a unique stacking rack with shelves and side walls, by Jo

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Do-It-Yourself Inspiration: create your own space with a custom-made stacking rack

Are you looking for inspiration for a practical and stylish storage system? Then look at Jo's project, who has created a unique stacking rack with This stacking rack is not only functional, but also an asset to the space where it is located.

The construction of a personal stacking rack

Jo opted for sturdy side walls and multiple shelves to create a robust and create a versatile storage system. The wood for the shelves is sawn to size by, which guarantees a precise and neat finish. The whole is finished in a fresh white color, which gives the stacking rack a modern and clean look.

The perfect addition to your garage

Jo's stacking rack fits perfectly in the garage. It provides an overview and space to neatly store tools, garden items and other supplies. The white color of the shelves contrasts nicely with the gray floor and creates a clear and orderly atmosphere.

Advantage of making it yourself: Customization and choice of materials

By making a stacking rack yourself, you determine the dimensions and material yourself. Jo's choice to take on this project with resulted in a product that seamlessly fits his needs. Moreover, the budget remains manageable, because you do not pay for unnecessary extras or dimensions that are not exactly necessary.

A stylish and functional completion

Jo's stacking rack is completely rounded and the style fits perfectly with the sleek and functional aesthetic of a modern garage. The combination of the orange metal supports and the white planks creates a lively contrast that is both functional and aesthetic.

The advantage of chipboard furniture panel

Jo used chipboard furniture panel TST Front white of 22 mm, a type of wood that is extremely suitable for these types of projects. The type of wood is sturdy, easy to maintain and the white finish provides a fresh and clean appearance. The plates are easy to clean, making them ideal for an area such as a garage where hygiene and maintenance are important.

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